The Journey

Filming a PBS show

In front of the Nan Rae Gallery at Woodbury University with its former President Dr. Kenneth Nielsen


Everyone has a journey that is unique to them and it’s best followed by listening to the promptings of our heart. For me this involves saying yes to everything that presents itself and fortunately that ‘everything’ has always turned out to be something wonderful. Perhaps not visibly wonderful at the beginning but always becoming something amazing.

Of course this does require more faith in life than in following a predictable course but again, this seems to work for me. An early example of this would be when Ralph Tepedino contacted me years ago and asked if I would like to do the California Gift Show. Honestly, I didn’t even know what the Gift Show was but in my usually naive manner I said a resounding “YES”. At that time I was to share a 10 X 10 foot space with two other artists, one who sold her photographic images on greeting cards and the other a gal in England who pressed flowers and placed them on pillows, in frames and all manner of products. There I was with one small wall to display my line of greeting cards. If I cut to the chase I will tell you that within three years we were not only doing the Gift Show having three booths featuring only Nan Rae cards but the New York Stationary Show. From these two venues Trader Joe’s found me along with Ling Design in England and so many wonderful gift stores and museums that there isn’t room or time to name them. All serendipity!

Every licensing contract has come to me just that way. Every commission, including the New York Philharmonic asking permission to use my artwork for their historic trip to Korea and China. I am always as amazed by this as you must be reading these stories but again, it’s my journey and it’s what works for me. A friend once told me she suits up and shows up and perhaps that is the key. We have to work hard and be fully prepared when opportunities present themselves and then be brave enough to say a resounding yes!

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences but rather, it’s tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.

Here is what critic’s reviews have said:

“The work of artist Nan Rae reflects her power of creative concept. Asian in technique, her work is profoundly Impressionistic. Her deft, rapid Oriental brush strokes capture the viewer in a wonderous sweep of pure, free and energized freedom yet clearly contemporary, clean in form and candidly robust, often exhilarating.

Art connoisseurs have often commented they feel as if they are entering the painting and becoming subjectively involved in it.”

“Not surprisingly, this best selling artist’s paintings and prints hang not only in the most prestigious homes in Southern California but also in private and corporate collections in the USA, in Canada and Europe.”

Nan Rae has published her artwork as greeting cards for about the past eighteen years.  Distribution and sales have grown nicely and the number of images is now approaching 500. Her large paintings are scanned and sized for the cards. Because her work is open, light and impressionistic, the results are stunning and well received.

Nan’s art is now being used for Greeting Cards and a wide variety of upscale stationery products produced by Ling Design for England, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia, along with being one of the artists licensed to Trader Joe’s greeting cards. Nan Rae  was honored to have her art selected for the logo for the historic 2008 NY Philharmonic trip to China and North Korea.

A Special Note from Nan 

My heartfelt thanks for the time you have taken to visit my website.

My hope is that what you see here will inspire you on your journey!


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