Latest Book: Walk With Me… In the Garden of Our Friendship

Walk With Me by Nan Rae

In Walk With Me… In the Garden of Our Friendship, Nan Rae delves deeper into her spiritual journey with inspiring meditations on growth, kindness, love, healing and more along with powerful thoughts on living your best life. Beautifully complemented by Nan Rae’s world-renowned brush paintings, Walk With Me… has been sumptuously produced with beautiful, open-spine binding that is reminiscent of traditional Japanese book binding. 

That’s Just What I Needed Today!

In That’s Just What I Needed Today: Quotes from the world’s most inspirational thinkers, artist and lecturer Nan Rae shares her favorite inspirational quotes, collected over many years. Paired with her award winning brush paintings, and bound in a unique and sumptuous Japanese style book binding, this is the next volume, after What If… we have the power to change our lives, in Nan’s series of inspirational books.


What If… We Have the Power to Change Our Lives

In “What If… We Have The Power to Change Our Lives”, artist and lecturer Nan Rae sets forth 25 thought-provoking questions. Nan begins by asking “WHAT IF we get up one day and just decide that no matter what the day brings we will be okay.” She then proceeds to expand on the idea of being open to change, forgiveness and a realization that we are all created to be joyful. What If is a gift that can be shared with friends and family to encourage and support them in whatever life journey they are on. What If is universal in its message and suitable for sharing with people of any faith, or no faith at all. Beautifully illustrated by her world-renowned brush artwork, What If has been sumptuously produced in a beautiful open spine binding, reminiscent of traditional Japanese bookbinding. Nan Rae’s WHAT IF’s are guaranteed to be a game-changer for countless lives.

Artist Nan Rae shares a lifetime of personal learning in her latest book “What If… we have the power to change our lives”.

In The Ch’i of the Brush, artist Nan Rae illustrates the fundamental elements and traditional motifs of the Literati style, which seeks to transcend the mere representation of a subject to capture its ch’i, or life force, by using a minimum of brush strokes for maximum effect. In the Literati style, no sketches are prepared and no models are used; instead, the artist paints with rapid, intuitive movements of the brush that convey his or her “mind image” of the subject.

Nan Rae’s unique approach to Chinese brush painting combines the grace of the Literati style with an impressionist approach to color. In Part 1, “Preparing for Your Journey,” Rae discusses the creative roots and various styles of Chinese brush painting, as well as the materials, techniques, and state of mind needed when approaching this intuitive painting style. In Part 2, a series of step-by-step worksheets demonstrates how to paint “Enchanting Flowers” (iris, wisteria, magnolia, and others) as well as “Captivating Creatures” (panda, bird, crane, dragonfly, and more). Finally, “Finishing Touches” shows how to mount a completed painting and add traditional Chinese seals.