Brush Painting Classes 

Brush painting is a magnificent experience that can be learned under the guidance of Nan Rae; previous experience is not required.

In all sessions, Nan Rae will have you produce your first painting at your first workshop. For in-person classes, each student gets plenty of personal attention and printed lessons help you practice at home. For the online classes, when you register, you’ll receive an email with the lesson handout (PDF), which you can view on your device or print at home. You’ll learn to paint like a true literati. 

Nan Rae teaches the rapid, oriental brush strokes that enable you to capture a sweep of pure and energized freedom in a contemporary, robust, and exhilarating form. 

Studio Class

In-Person Brush Painting Classes

Saturday, June 29th
Saturday, July 27th

Brush Painting Class

The Brush Painting class is every third or fourth Saturday of each month from 11 AM to 3 PM. The cost of a workshop is $75, and that includes in-class supplies.

Brush Painting Class at the Nan Rae Studio

Brush Painting Online Class with Nan Rae

Learn Brush painting with Nan Rae online! This is a 2-hour live online class where you’ll be focusing on 1 – 2 subjects and learn everything you need to know to master the floral subject and be on your way to paint like a true literati! If you can’t make it to the live class or missed a class, you can still register and watch the replay. Replays are available right after the class. Classes are done through Crowdcast. Make sure and read Important Class Information below.

The Online Class Experience

Great Brush strokes close-ups

You can ask Nan questions live through the chat box or under “Ask question” 

Downloadable Class handouts (PDF)

Lifetime access to the class!

You’ll get to replay the class over and over again!

Peony Online Painting Class by Nan Rae

Watch below to learn more!

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Missed the Live class? Register and watch the replay!  You’ll get lifetime access and a downloadable class handout emailed to you.
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White Magnolia Online Bruhs Painting Class
Geraniums Online Brush Painting Class
Cattleya and Violets Online Brush Painting Class
Cymbidium and Lavender Online Painting Class
Painting Cherry Blossom Online Class
Painting Cherry Blossom Online Class
Rocks Online Painting Class
Sunflower Online Brush Painting Class
Narcissus and Bugs Painting Online Class
Morning Glory and Basic Bird Brush Painting Online Class
Tulips and Daylilies Online Brush Painting Class
Poppies and Sweet Peas Online Brush Painting Class
Camellia Online Brush Painting Class
Lotus Brush Painting Online Class
Fall Delights Online Brush Painting Class
Chrysanthemum Online Brush Painting Class
Roses Online Brush Painting Class
Rooster Online Brush Painting Class
Maple and Tiger Online Painting Class
Bird of Paradise, Matilija Poppy and Ginkgo Class
Tiger Lilies and Leaves Online Painting Class
Trees Online Brush Painting Class
Lingnan Online Brush Painting Class
Colored Online Landscape Class
Holiday Cards Online Brush Painting Class
Chinese Landscape III Online Brush Painting Class
Chinese Landscape II Online Brush Painting Class
Landscape Online Brush Painting Class
Chinese Magnolia Online Brush Painting Class
Bearded Iris Online Brush Painting Class
Peony Online Brush Painting Class
Koi and Goldfish Online Brush Painting Class
Chinese Orchid and Fuchsia Online Brush Painting Class
Wisteria Online Brush Painting Class
Bamboo Online Brush Painting Class
Plum Online Brush Painting Class

Important Class Information

  • It is recommended that you have a minimum of 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed of internet connection for a stable and consistent stream of video and audio. Crowdcast will automatically drop down to audio-only mode if your connection is weak. 
  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad, please download the Crowdcast mobile app on the App Store. For Android users, crowdcast is compatible with your browser.

Latest Brush Painting Tutorial by Nan Rae

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Nan Rae’s movement with the brush looks unearthly. Thanks so much for sharing your videos. Your work is poetry in colors.

Esha K.