Cattleya Lesson


Also available in the Floral Notebook I.

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The bonus in this lesson is the study of leaves, their importance and variety, as well as learning the basic leaf in the verticle manner.

Remember your first dance? Chances are you received or gave a Cattleya corsage. That brazen hussy of a flower. The Cattleya is ‘almost’ too much. It’s vibrant color and huge petals proclaim ‘here I am’ loud and clear. How to paint this exuberance? You must be even more bold. Remember, when painting any flower, it’s easier if you first break it down into the flower’s component parts and recognize the similarities to other flowers.

With the Cattleya, the central, most exuberant petal is very similar to the main, front petal of the Iris and is painted in the same manner. The smaller strokes at the top of the petal should originate from the top while the larger strokes at the bottom may be initiated at either the inside or the fringe of the petal.

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