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An original Brush painting on Mulberry paper by Nan Rae.
Size: 13″ X 10.75″
Mounted on an Acid-Free Barrier Paper

Chinese Floral Paintings are called Flower Bird or‭ ‬Hua Niel‭.‬
This work is painted in‭ ‬Hsieh-i‭ ‬or Written Idea Form‭, ‬derived from ancient Chinese calligraphy‭. ‬
Ground Pine Soot Ink (Sung Yen Mo) has been used on custom hand-made mulberry paper or Double Shuen. Ink is carefully diluted with water to modulate its strong vibrancy.
The ink is spontaneously mixed and, through skillful blending by the artist, more than one tone may appear in a single brush stroke.

Artwork is shipped flat.

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