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Exactly the title. Understand Chinese Landscape Painting. Landscape viewing is theoretical with no focal point. Three categories and two methods of perspective (not at all Western as there is no vanishing point!). Color and washes for the mist. We often speak of chi or qi…the life force…especially as it relates to Chinese Brush Painting. Gu Kaizhi (345-406) said, ‘form exists in order to express spirit.’ Clouds/mist between mountains link the conduit of energy or life force and actually transmit it. This energy is generated in the atmosphere over and beyond what we can see literally/visually. In Chinese Brush Landscape Painting when you see high, distant mountains that are shown enveloped by areas of mist representing detachment from the world. ‘The spirit travels through space…like scurrying clouds kissing in the wind.

The downloadable version of this handout is included with Nan Rae’s Chinese Landscape Online Painting Class.
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Chinese Landscape Online Brush Painting Class


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