Panda Lesson


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More fun than a barrel of Pandas! Besides the step by step,
you’ll receive great Panda pictures for inspiration.

The Giant Panda is in a sense a fragile creature. He ever-fascinates us. He is physically big and powerful. Yet he cannot withstand or adapt to the encroachments of modern civilization. Though he may approach extinction, he will forever live in tradition as a paradox of nature, as an artistic and philosophical Idea or Principle – at the same time symbolizing strength and fragility, survival and vulnerability, beauty and oddity.

The artistic risk in painting the Giant Panda is to project our humanlike characteristics onto him. The anthropomorphic approach rarely produces the desired result and, instead, gives us a ‘cute and winsome’ and cartoon-like figure, not a grand philosophical or artistic Idea or Principle. This is especially so because at least one-third of the Giant Panda is done in outline (the white areas). 14 pages of great fun.

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