Rainbow of Seasons


An Original Fine Art

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An original Brush painting on landscape paper by Nan Rae.
Size: 25″ X 31″
Mounted on an Acid-Free Barrier Paper

Chinese Floral Paintings are called Flower Bird or‭ ‬Hua Niel‭.‬
This work is painted in‭ ‬Hsieh-i‭ ‬or Written Idea Form‭, ‬derived from ancient Chinese calligraphy‭. ‬
The painting is executed in the‭ ‬PO-MO‭ ‬or Throw Ink style‭ ‬—‭ ‬without drafting lines or corrections‭.‬
The colors are spontaneously mixed and‭, ‬through skillful blending by the artist‭, ‬more than one color appears in a single brush stroke‭.‬

Artwork is shipped flat.

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