White Birds Lesson


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‘Cantonese Style’ using opaque white. The bonus is learning to paint the background.

In Chinese Brush, sensitive appreciation of the flower is expressed with poetic comparisons of flowers with birds. Hence, the poetic Chinese call their floral paintings ‘Hua Niel’ or Flower Bird. They see the wonder and beauty of flowers (Hua Niel) enfolded in the beauteous wonder, the splendor and the mystery of ‘Birds’.

While most exotic birds, with their brilliant arrays, are best shown on a white background, the Artist may wish to present White birds on a colored background, enhancing the high drama and excitement of the painting.

The style comes to us from the noted Ling Nan School, which won a firm footing in the Ching Dynasty of the 1800’s. The Ling Nan style is quite effective in communicating the ‘feeling’ and the ‘texture’ of the White birds. It is rather clearly, though loosely, Impressionistic.

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