White Magnolia Lesson


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White Magnolia

The Latin-derived name of the White Magnolia is ‘Magnolia GRANDIFLORA’. And it is a Grand Flower indeed. It’s truly the PAINTBRUSH of a Master Painter, revealing the glory of Nature.

The White Magnolia tree, which bears this blossom, is a spectacular and self-assured evergreen. It abounds in the temperate climes of Asia and the southeastern United States. The White Magnolia has been called the pride of the American south. It is so highly regarded it has been declared the official state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi.

In China, the White Magnolia is called the Jade Orchid. The reason is readily apparent from the quality of translucence shared by both the precious Jade and the glorious White Magnolia. We will also be paying special attention to it not only for its own virtues, but also because of its striking similarity to many varieties of the Lotus blossom.

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